My life in Cubes

Hi there

My name is Jolyon Jenkins, I’m a British magician and electronics inventor, based in the UK, and have been both of these things for more than 40 years.

Magic and electronics came together for me a few years ago when I started to write and sell ebooks for the Magic Nook website, mostly DIY instruction guides on how to make electronic effects. These are for people who don’t have much experience of electronics and I’ve lots of satisfied customers. I've also made one-off pieces on commission, such as spirit bells, which I sold through the Alchemy Moon site. 

Five years ago, I decided I wanted to design something that would be way beyond the capabilities of the hobbyist - an electronic die for mentalists and magicians which actually looked like a real die and was the same size - 16mm cubed. I also wanted it to be affordable for the average serious magician; but knew I could never make it cheaply enough to appeal to the teenage dabblers, which was probably a good thing. The end result is The Cube, the product of hundreds of hours of R&D. Other products are under development. 

If you want to see some of the Magic Nook stuff, and commissioned work, take a look here 

https://jolyonjenkins.wordpress.com/ or go to magicnook.com