It looks like an ordinary real die. It rolls like an ordinary real die. But it's no such thing. Whatever number your spectator throws, or chooses, you will know it straight away. You can be blindfold, have your back turned, or be in another room.

And two effects for the price of one: The Cube has a sensitive "which hand" ("Kurotsuke") mode that secretly tells you when it's moved.  

At slightly under 16mm x 16mm x 16mm (5/8 inch) these are the same size as normal gaming dice and are identical in size and shape to commercial Koplow dice  They have curved edges and no seams. They are even waterproof. 

The Cube contains a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, but cannot be taken apart. 


If you are wondering how similar these really are to commercial dice, the picture below shows some commercial ones along with a Cube. Can you tell which is the gaffed one? 


(It's actually the one on the far left)


The shade of white is not totally identical, but as you see, even when they are next to each other it can be very hard to tell. And it helps for you to be able to tell the difference. Because one great thing about them looking the same as cheap commercial dice is that you can switch them out and give away a free one at the end. And you don't want to give away your expensive electronic one by mistake. 


You'll know what number has been thrown because you have a receiver that vibrates with the corresponding number of pulses, like the buzzer on your cellphone. 


The receiver measures 75 x 35 x12mm. The easiest place to have it is tucked into your waist band, where the on-off switch is easily accessible.  

The strength of the buzzer pulse is adjustable

The Cube is charged wirelessly. Just place it onto the supplied charger, and it will start to charge. A red light inside the Cube glows to show that charging is taking place. 

The same units also charge the receiver via a cable


The Cube can be charged from empty within about 20 minutes - or quickly topped up in 5 minutes.

Cube in box.JPG

With the motion detect mode, a whole new range of effects becomes possible. As soon as the Cube is moved, even slightly, you receive a single pulse from the receiver. This enables you to discover which hand a spectator is holding the Cube in (Kurotsuke) - by holding their wrists and slightly moving them up and down - or to discover which of several spectators is holding the Cube (and which ones are holding a non-gimmicked die). Or to detect when the Cube has been moved.

It will transmit continuously for about two days on a single charge. In sleep mode, the Cube consumes very little power

With no obstructions, the Cube transmits up to 130 feet (40m). If the Cube or the receiver are covered or otherwise obstructed, the range is reduced. If you need a greater range, please get in touch to discuss options

Wooden Cubes

Previously I have made Cubes using reclaimed walnut. These are not wirelessly rechargeable, but charge through pins on the 6 spot using a different charger. These dice are a lot harder to make, and so although I still have a small number left in stock, I am not planning to make any more once these are sold except on commission and depending on my time commitments. 

The price of the Cubes is £350 GPB (which currently equates to approximately $450 USD plus tracked shipping. 

I have other varities of electronic dice - see the links above - and am prepared to discuss commissions - follow the links or get in touch at