Price list 

All products are individually made our Bristol (UK) workshop.  We keep limited stock, so please enquire about availability as some items will have to be made to order. These prices do not include postage, which will depend on your area, and on the weight of the item. Prices are given in UK pounds (GBP). The exchange rate varies, of course, but in general 1 GBP is roughly 1.26 USD or 1.17 EUR.

Receiver (needed for all mentalism effects): £100

Additional extension screen: £20

Thumper extension: £20

Cube die

Single die: £100

Set of three dice £250

Book test programming and card £30 (includes SD card and card reader)
Additional book test programming £10 (file only)


Astrology die: £200

Pool balls: £350

RFID playing cards: £350

Tea cards: £350

Bingo balls: £700

Campana Mortis spirit bell: £350

Sefalaljia Plus box: £1200