Buying the Cube

Because I am currently only making small production runs, please contact me at to ensure that I still have what you want in stock. 

The Cube (white and wooden) costs £350 plus shipping; the red and blue plastic ones are 300 GBP (while stocks last) plus shipping. 

Exchange rates vary all the time but 350 GBP is roughly $450 or 390 EUR

300 GBP is $385 or 336 EUR. 

You can pay by Paypal but Paypal levies a 4% fee which I would have to pass on.  To pay the listed price, please use a cheaper method. You can also use Transferwise (a low-cost alternative to Paypal), or in the UK, old-fashioned cheque or even cash if you are local to Bristol.  I can also now accept debit card payments