How big is the Cube?

16 x 16 x 16 mm, the size of regular gaming and gambling dice.  Note, by the way, that 16mm cubed looks very different to, say, 19mm cubed. That's because it's actually only just over half the volume (0.59).  On the other hand, if you want a larger one, I am now making some in 20 x 20 x 20 mm - see the "larger dice" link in the menu.

How is it powered?

With a small lithium polymer battery contained within the Cube. This is not user-accessible (i.e. you can't take the Cube apart) but it is easily rechargeable.

How is it switched on and off?

With a magnet, or, if you prefer, with a PK ring. A suitable magnet is included.

How long does a charge last?  

It can carry on transmitting for days. When you are not using it, you can put it into low power sleep mode. When you want to recharge, connect the holder/charger to any USB port and it will charge within half an hour, often much less.  If you could like to know more, I've written up a more detailed answer 

Will the audience hear the buzzer?  

No. The buzzer is quieter than a smart phone but in any case can be adjusted down to almost undetectable. 

How is the receiver powered?

It contains a rechargeable lithium polymer (LIPO) battery that connects to the holder/charger via a supplied cable

Is it inspectable?

Totally! There is no seam in the plastic version, and a virtually undetectable joint in the wooden ones, and nothing that shouts "electronics". I have even heard of suspicious spectators dropping electronic props in their drink to "test" them. The Cube will survive this, though I don't recommend it.  

Can you provide an ungimmicked die to match? 

Yes. Plastic ones will be £10. Wooden ones £30. (Yes, it's a lot for a dumb die, but they are time-consuming to make)

Can you do them in different colors/colours? 

In principle, though a bespoke color, where I have to buy a new pigment, will be more expensive.  

What is included in the price?

Die, receiver, charging unit, charging cable, USB cable, and neodymium magnet. Just in case you missed it: you don' t need to buy the receiver separately! Also, three routines and full instructions via a webpage. 

What kind of warranty?

I offer a replacement service for the dice or replacement/repair for the other parts of 2 years. I made the first prototypes over two years ago and they are still going strong, so I am fairly confident the current ones will last longer

When can I get one?


I have an idea for how you could improve your product/make me a different one. Can you do it?

This is a difficult one. Yes, I like to get feedback and I've had some valuable ideas from customers. But this project only makes financial sense to me if I make a more or less standard product. If you want something different it's probably going to take me some R&D time and expense, and I need to be convinced that other people are likely to want it too. Also I would like to be paid up front. 


It's a big investment for me. Can you refer me to people who have bought the Cube so I can discuss it with them?

Yes I can, so long as the demand for referrals doesn't become overwhelming. I have several customers who have said they are willing to do this. 

Aren't you ripping of xyz's idea? Are you aware of so-and-so's product?

Yes. Tony Anverdi in the 1970s produced the first electronic mentalism die or cube, his "Mental Die". The die was 3 inches cubed and had to be put in a box to work. Since then, plenty of other people have produced cubes that tell you what position they are in. Some have been stage props (as big as four inches cubed), some require you to put them in a box to work; some work by pairing with your phone. But the basic idea has been around for 40 years and I don't believe anyone has the legal or moral rights to it. As electronics progresses, it has become possible to make such devices smaller and cheaper - this is true of all electronic devices, magical or not. Otherwise we'd all still be using IBM PCs (and getting angry with all the manufacturers who brought out their own versions). 

I don't want to get into discussions about other people's products. (I can however, tell you that the Cube has been tested (not by me) in conjunction with a Promystic device and there was no interference or conflict). I haven't examined any other devices personally, and may not even know of them all. No doubt some are very good and have a loyal following. But people have different needs and priorities, and consumer choice is always a good thing.