Each Kube comes in a box with USB charger and velcro strap

Beyond this there are two further accessories in development. The first is the signal booster, for which a working prototype exists. This is a standalone unit that you can have anywhere in the performing space.

The signal picks up the signal from the Kube, and retransmits it at greater strength. It's able to do this because it has a more sensitive antenna than either the standard Kube or receiver, because space is not such an issue. You can easily quadruple the Kube's range with this device. The maximum is about 1500 feet (quarter of a mile) under ideal conditions.

Also under development is a customisable shell in case you don't want the Kube to look like a die. The Kube goes inside, and the six faces of the shell can then be decorated in any way you choose (pictures, colours, symbols