Larger Dice and Casino Dice


I spent years making a die that would be as small as a normal gaming die. It was hard work. But at a Magic Circle dealers' day, a German magician asked me whether I could make one larger, since apparently that's how they like them in Germany. 


Well, the customer is king (Der Kunde ist der König), so I have now made some that are 20mm cubed. Now I've made them I quite like them - they have a nice chunky physicality that would work well for larger audiences. 

They are only available in white and black and they are wirelessly charged. They are the same price - £350 - as the regular sized ones

larger die in hand.JPG

The Cube also comes as a Casino-style die. This is 19mm with square edges. 


This probably won't pass inspection in Vegas, because there, they generally use transparent dice with the serial number or logo of the casino stamped on them. Their white dots are also very slightly indented whereas mine are flush. However, while gambling professionals may spot the difference, the average magic spectator won't, and indeed many ordinary dice sold as "casino" dice look less professional.