Mental pencil 


Twelve coloured pencils (undetectably gaffed), and a plywood box, like a desk tidy. With your back turned, the spectator chooses one pencil and puts it back in the box, then the other pencils, and finally puts the lid on. You are able to know immediately, either from the screen on the Precognition Receiver, or via a thumper, which was the pencil they chose. You can present this as a personality test, since (you claim) colours are an indication of personality type, or else as a prediction. 

Better still, combine the two. Get the spectator to make a drawing with their pencil while your back is turned, and at the same time write down your "prediction". Since you know the colour, you can use the drawing as a basis for a cold reading, showing aspects of their personality. You can claim that their personality would be drawn to a particular color, and then reveal your prediction to show that you were able to tell their character from the start.

Video below shows a real life performance. (The box is a protoype, not the finished product, and the routine is very simple)

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IPrice:: £350 (Precognition reciever also required).