A suite of electronic mentalism effects 

All effects are built around the same receiver. Small enough to be concealed in a standard card box, you also have the option of plugging in an extension screen which can be palmed.

For some of the effects, an alternative to the screen is to plug in a thumper, which can be concealed anywhere on your body. The strength of the pulse from the thumper can  be adjusted 

front view with text.png

The receiver contains a rechargeable lithium battery, and is itself used for wirelessly charging some of the accompanying effects (such as the Cube dice). Additionally, it is possible to briefly charge the Cube itself from the receiver battery - useful in an emergency if you have no USB power source. A card reader socket on top is used for reading the data needed for the 3 dice book test.

The receiver works on the same frequency band as Bluetooth and has a similar range, but it does not use the Bluetooth protocol, meaning that there is no need to pair devices, and none of the devices will show up on your audience's smartphones.