Precognition is a complete electronic mentalism system built around a receiving device that can cue you with a screen or a thumper (or both). The receiver fits inside a standard card box, or can be in your pocket with the screen palmed. The thumper can be concealed anywhere on your body, and the strength of the pulse can be adjusted. There is thus no chance of your audience hearing the pulse - a risk with some smartphone-based apps. 

Most electronic mentalism devices nowadays rely on Bluetooth, and pairing two or more devices. Precognition does not use Bluetooth, and there is no need to do any pairing - the receiver and transmitting device will talk directly to each other straight out of the box. There are other advantages to being Bluetooth and phone-free. On the Apple Watches and bands, for instance, the screen will automatically turn off after a certain period to save power. The Precognition receiver stays on for as long as you want. It also has multiple functionality, with with a card reader slot enabling you to install book test data for your own chosen book(s) and a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge some of the other products from receiver.

We have a number of effects designed for the Precognition system, with more in the pipeline. Click on the links below for more details.

The Cube

The only wooden mentalism dice on the market. Each one individually made in hardwood, it seems impossible that they could contain electronics. With a single die, you can know which is the current uppermost face, and also the previous six numbers. Additionally there is a "motion detect" mode that allows you to know when the Cube has been moved. This lets you do a "which hand" effect without going near your spectators. With three dice, you can do a powerful book test.

RFID anythinga

The RFID reader uses the most powerful protocol available to read a tag embedded in an object from up to 11 cm away, and transmit the information to the Precognition receiver. You can use this with RFID-chipped playing cards, or your own tags that you program yourself with a smartphone, using a free app. This lets you do mentalism with any object you choose. The reader is 7cm x 4cm and can be strapped to your wrist or concealed under a table or other object.

Tea cards

These retro-style tea cards (or baseball cards or cigarette cards) have an RFID sticker embedded in them and come in a plywood box that has a RFID reader and transmitter concealed inside it. Place a card under the box and its name will be transmitted to the Precognition receiver. 

Bingo balls

This unique mentalism effect allows you to do bingo predictions or mentalism. You have a velvet bag with 25 wooden balls. Your spectators remove up to 7 of them while your back is turned. You know which balls have been removed, and the order, enabling you to "predict" them using standard mentalism techniques.

Pool balls

A restyling of an old classic, long off the market. Originally known as  "Color Psychology" or Quantimental, the effect consists of 6 pool/snooker balls (ungaffed) in a wooden box (entirely innocent-looking and completely inspectable). You ask your spectators to remove the balls while your back is turned. You are able to know the order in which they were removed. 

Astrology die

This unique effect consists of a heavy 12-sided die with each of the signs of the zodiac engraved on each face. The name of the uppermost face (eg "PISCES") is transmitted to the Precognition receiver. Perfect for seance-style performances

Price: the Precognition receiver costs £100 ($120) but requires at least one other effect to be purchased