RFID anything

Finally - do mentalism with unmagical objects.


Like a lime. Or a tomato. Or a tourist souvenir. This RFID system is based on a RFID reader and transmitter that's actually smaller than a credit card (42 x 72 x 9mm) which can be strapped to your wrist, hidden under a table, or concealed in some other object, such as a box or book or bowl. (If you can't do this yourself, we can construct suitable boxes or other items.)

Unlike many RFID systems, this uses the most modern protocol (IS015693) which uses "vicinity" tags, which can be read from up to 11 cm (4 inches) away. The tags come either as stickers (ideal for flat objects) or as glass ampoules (best for embedding in solid objects). The ampoules can be read from 20mm - but see below if you need a longer range. You can program these tags yourself using a free smartphone app (full instructions given). The text, or the number, that you program into a tag will be transmitted to the Precognition receiver and shown on the screen, once the tag is brought within the vicinity of the card reader. If you prefer, we can supply ready-coded tags to your specification.

We also have RFID-chipped playing cards. The name of the card will be displayed on the screen; additionally, if you prefer, a thumper will signal to you which card has been picked. These are not Bicycle cards, but they are the same size, plastic-coated, and although they are very marginally thicker that Bicycles, the difference is undetectable in normal use. 

As stated, the range for this reader with solid tags is about 20mm. If you want more than this, we can build you a system that reads up to about 100mm. But in this case you won't be able to program the tags yourself - we will have to pre-program them for you. 


Reader: £200

Card deck: £100

Single tag (uncoded): £1

Single tag (coded): £2