Sefalaljia Plus

The great magician Stewart James invented the original Sefalaljia trick, published in the Jinx in 1939. In essence it's a miniature haunted cabinet, inside which spooky and inexplicable things happen: a ball moves into a glass of its own accord, and an ungaffed ring becomes linked onto an ungaffed rope, even though the ends of the rope remain visible throughout.  


My version includes those, but also some extras, which happen while the box is open to view. A miniature lead coffin contains a human figurine (made of steel). The end of a rope is placed in the man's hand and the coffin lid is closed. The other end of the rope is attached to a bell. Even though you are nowhere near the box, you can cause the rope to tug on the bell and make it ring. 


As well as this, there is a slate for spirit writing. The slate is shown blank and placed in the box. A chalk is placed on the slate. With the front of the box still open, the chalk is seen moving on the surface of the slate, and when the slate is removed, it is seen to now have a message written on it. 

The video above shows a performance of what you can do with all this, but of course you may have your own ideas. 


These boxes are hand crafted from hardwoods, with proper dovetail joints. I have four of them close to being completed, and I will never make another. n text and edit me. It's easy.